Blueberry One Size Simplex All-In-One Diaper w/ Organic Cotton - WITH STAY DRY

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Blueberry One Size Simplex All-In-One Diaper w/ Organic Cotton - WITH STAY DRY

A best seller and made right here in the US!

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Blueberry One Size Simplex All-In-One Diaper w/ Organic Cotton - WITH STAY DRY LAYER

An all-in-one diaper design that combines the convenience of an all-in-one diaper while providing the absorbency adjustability of a pocket diaper.

The diaper has pocket openings on both ends that allows you to increase the diaper's absorbency by adding extra inserts.  This also enables any extra stuffed-in doubler or insert to agitate itself out in the wash.  Half of the soaker pad is attached, while the other half also comes out through one of the pocket openings during the washing cycle.

It is made with a waterproof outer layer and 12 layers of 100% organic cotton twill fabric in the wet zone.


Weight Range: 10-35 lbs (4.5-16 kg)
Waist: 9-21" (23-53 cm)
Thighs: 4-12.5" (10-32 cm)
13.5-18.5" (34-47 cm)

Fabric Content:
Outer waterproof layer: 100% polyester
Inner layer: 100% organic cotton

Made in the USA


Before using the diapers: wash and dry your diaper once in warm water (up to 140F) with detergent prior to first use. This causes the fibers to shrink, fluff up and become more absorbent.

If you bought several diapers, you may want to pre-wash one first as we can only refund or exchange on unused/unwashed products.


Keep your wet and dirty diapers in a diaper pail.  

Wash your diapers on warm/hot (up to 140F/60C) with the recommended amount of detergent per load as stated on the detergent’s box/bottle.  Over-dosing on detergent also produces build up and is the single most common cause of leaking problems as it will leave residue causing your diapers to possibly leak, or leave baby with a rash.  Using too little on the other hand, will cause your diapers to stink.

An additional rinse can be used for particularly soiled loads. Make sure that your diapers are rinsed clean. Any residue from poop, urine, detergent or vinegar can make your diapers smell.

Tumble dry on warm/hot (up to 140F/60C) or line dry.

Do not use fabric softeners or diaper rash creams.  Softeners & creams leave a waxy residue on the fabric making them less absorbent, water repellent and may potentially cause leaks. Be aware that if you use dryer sheets in your dryer for other laundry this can coat your dryer and transfer to your diapers. This build up can cause repelling, leaks and rashes in sensitive skin.

Do not use bleach
.  This will cause the diaper's fabric & elastic to prematurely deteriorate.

Do not stretch the diaper while it is still warm.
  Allowing the diaper to cool after taking it out of the dryer will extend the life of its elastic.

Stain removal.
  If staining occurs, it is important that any products used on the diapers and covers to remove the stains are mild so as not to irritate the baby’s skin and/or cause the diapers to prematurely deteriorate.  In most cases, laying the stained diapers out in the sun is the safest and most effective way of removing stains.

5 Stars
Best diaper ever!
After much trial and error, blueberry simplex are my overall favorite diaper. Absorbent, soft, comfortable, easy to use or change to meet your needs, and a great fit. Not to mention all the cute prints!
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Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 3/6/2018
5 Stars
love my Blueberry diapers
I love BLueberry Simplex AIO. I've been using cloth diapers for over 3 years and have used many brands. We have gradually added more and more of the Blueberry Simplex and now that's all we use! These diapers last a long time (at least through 2 kids), wash great, and are super absorbent and also easy to add additional boosters. Over the last 3 years I've only had a couple diapers leak or get relaxed elastics. Well worth the money!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Cincinnati. on 9/19/2017
5 Stars
highly absorbent
This is one of the few diapers I would stay can withstand a heavy wetter. It's generously sized, the organic cotton can hold a lot of pee, my little who is 18 months at the time of this review, rarely gets this completely soaked. We have other overnight solutions but I have let him sleep in this overnight and no leaks. At the top of my favorites list, too bad they are so pricey. I only have one in the blue elephants prints, I encourage to get at least a couple if your just starting out, that way you don't spend extra on nighttime diapers, you can add absorbent with the pocket, tongue style design.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from lawrenceville, GA . on 1/10/2016
5 Stars
Blue Elephant
First organic Blueberry diaper and I loved it! If you hang dry this is a great diaper because it doesn't get stiff like the regular ones.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Harrisonburg VA. on 11/2/2015

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