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Our journey began in the fall of 2012 when my oldest son Jayden was nine months old and just entering the teething stage. He had several teethers, but what he wanted to chew on more than any of the them was my thumb or my index finger. That was fine at the beginning while he did not have teeth, but once he got that first tooth in it became a problem. It hurt. He could down right draw blood chewing on my finger trying to find relief.  I told my husband, Chris, that I wish I had a teether I could slip on my thumb or finger that he could chew on so it is “helping” him and not “hurting” me. We searched everywhere and could not find one. One night, our friends Kael and Jillian came down to visit. Jillian and I ran an errand and I was explaining to her about Jayden teething and nothing seemed to help him except for my finger. I told her I was wanting to make a teether to go on my finger to help him but I had not found the material yet. She suggested that I talk to her husband Kael when we got back home because he did a lot of work with infant products and maybe we could come up with something. When we got back, Jillian and I talked to Kael about what we had discussed. He was very interested and wanted to create a few designs and then go from there. And that night in our living room Chomp ‘N Chews was born. We have spent the last five years, designing, safety testing, and critiquing our products to provide you with a safe, fun, and effective teether to go on your finger to help your little one through the teething phase.

I also wanted a more sanitary solution as well. Have you ever been to a restaurant with your teething infant/toddler and you hand them a teether, they chew on it for a second and then throw it down? You pick it up, go to the restroom to wash it or wipe it off with a wet wipe or if you are a third time mom like me- the lick it off method , give it back only for it to be thrown on the floor again. I had that issue and I wanted something that could stay put on my finger while Jayden was chewing on it that kept me from the dropping/picking up/cleaning the teether game. With Chomp ‘N Chews teethers you can have dinner or a conversation with someone and be able to interact knowing that the teether is in place on your finger, your child is content getting relief from the teether, and you are not constantly bending over to pick it up.

I am just a mom who wanted a way to help my baby get the teething relief he needed and for me to not be in pain or running myself crazy cleaning a dropped teether constantly. I am very conscientious of the foods, products, and ingredients my babies consume and our teethers are designed with the cautious mom in mind. Our teethers are created from food grade silicone, are BPA free, and have passed rigorous safety standards to ensure your little one is safe
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