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Diaper Prepping Service


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Prepping is the process of having oils and dirt/debris (from manucturing) removed from you diapers before using them.  Natural fibers need to be washed and dried many times in order to reach full absorbency.  Have your stash of NEW diapers prepped with NO work on your part.  As long as you're within Do Good Diaper's delivery area (from Mound to Stillwater to Farmington and Blaine) they will pick up you dirty diapers and drop them off back at your own home.   Additionally, if you purchase a stash of diapers from us, we can have them prepped by Do Good before we send them to you for only $30!  Prepping diapers can be very time consuming so why not have Do Good do it for you?! 

How it works:

  1. Order this service through My Sweet Pickles.  We will provide Do Good with your name, address, email and phone number.  They will contact you regarding when you want your diaper prepped.
  2. Place your stash outside, clearly labeled with your name and Do Good Diaper Service.
  3. One of Do Good's drivers will pick up your stash and bring it back for a good, deep clean.
  4. Your order will stay together though out the entire process.
  5. 1 week later Do Good will drop your stash back at your home. Clean refreshed and ready to go!
  6. If you are from out of town, just purchase this item along with the diapers you'd like prepped and we will send you your stash freshly prepped.  Please allow 3 weeks before delivery of your diapers and other items ordered if you purchase this service.  Please note, Do Good will not wash, strip or prep and Rumparooz product including Ecoposh and Lil Joey.  


How long will it take?
One week from pick up until we drop your clean fully prepped stash at your doorstep.
When does Do Good pick up?
Delivery days vary depending on what city you live in.

Can I get my diapers back sooner?
It is possible but it there may be an additional fee or may require you to pick the diapers up at our facility.

What brands to you accept?
Do Good has deep cleaned almost all major brands and styles and have had great success with most, however Do Good does not accept Rumparooz (this includes Ecoposh and Lil Joeys).  Please check with your individual mfg warranty before purchasing this service.  Do Good Diapers and My Sweet Pickles do not warranty accidental damage.  On the very rare occasion that warranty damage is done to a diaper during prepping, My Sweet Pickles and Do Good are not responsible for any damages and will not replace any diapers or refund this service. 

What do I use to diaper when you have my stash?
You can use our prefolds at no additional charge.  Just let Do Good know when they contact you that you will want to use their prefolds.


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