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The Flip Diaper System is a flexible, hybrid cloth diapering system that provides options for every occasion. The one-size cover and three choices in absorbent inserts make diapering your baby less expensive, easy and perfect for wherever, whenever.

Stay-Dry Insert
Perfect for anytime and overnight. Lets your baby stay drier, longer.

Organic Day Time Insert
Perfect for sensitive skin, supporting early potty training and daytime.
Night Time Organic Insert
Perfect for sensitive skin, supporting early potty training, naps and overnight.
Please note, there is also a disposable insert option.  If you are interested in ordering disposable inserts by the case, please contact us
Please note:  Due to manufacturer restrictions, Flip and other Cottonbabies products can only be shipped within the USA.  All international orders will be refunded unless a US address is provided.
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Flip Diaper Cover
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Flip Stay Dry Flip Inserts - 3 Pack
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Flip Potty Training Shell
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Flip Training Pant Cotton Pads 3 Pack
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Flip Organic Daytime Inserts - 3-pack
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Flip Organic Nighttime Inserts - 2-pack
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