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Lalabye Baby is a modern cloth diapering company dreamed up by a mom with a vision! Desiring to combine a love for cloth diapers and a passion for design, Lalabye Baby was created to provide a high quality, safe, eco-friendly diaper at an affordable price. Along with our diapers, we hope to bring an awareness to the alarming amount of waste being produced by disposable diapers. We look forward to all that God has planned for Lalabye Baby and appreciate your input and feedback! 

Our diapers are a one size, 2 in 1 diapering system. Lalabye Baby can be used as a pocket diaper or an All in Two! Lalabyes were created to be used from newborn through potty training! Using 100% Rayon from Bamboo and TPU (waterproof fabric), Lalabye Baby’s diapers are among the best. Our diapers are designed in the USA and manufactured responsibly in China. Utilizing our global resources, we custom create and design our diapers with your baby (and ours) in mind. 
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Lalabye Baby Bitty Wet Bags
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Lalabye Baby Good to Go Bag
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Lalabye Baby Just in Case (Wet/Dry) Bag
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Lalabye Baby Quick Trip Wet/Dry Bag
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Lalabye Baby Grab n' Go (Large Wet/Dry Bag)
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Lalabye Baby Newborn Diaper
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Lalabye Baby One-Size Cloth Diaper
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