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There is a reason why we call our company Nature’s Baby Organics. We won’t make any product unless it contains at least 70% organic ingredients, while maintaining the same performance level as the leading non-organic competitors in the marketplace. But we’re not just organic for the sake of being organic.

Many children and adult products in the marketplace typically contain known or suspected skin irritants. Organic and/or minimally processed ingredients often provide them with relief. Our products were specifically developed by a mother whose concern for her children’s sensitive skin triggered the creation of our company. That’s how NBO came about. So we avoid, to the extent possible, to use any ingredient that might be suspect. That is not a claim that no one will ever show any allergic reaction to our products, but we diligently research each and every ingredients to minimize such incidents.

We produce all products by using environmentally sound and responsible processing and packaging. Our USDA organic and our National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certifications and audits performed by third parties are there to give our customers confidence in making sure that all our processes and ingredients are clean and pure.

We are a transparent and responsible company which can be seen in our support of the “Campaign for Safe Cosmetics” and our commitment to be part of the Organic Trade Association, NSF and other environmental and philanthropic causes.

Why use suspect ingredients when we have the means, and the know-how to produce equally effective yet minimally-processed and environmentally-friendly products that can be used safely on your baby’s delicate skin?

Our vision has not changed throughout the years, we strive not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them by showing you how well our products perform.

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Nature's Baby Conditioner and Detangler - 8oz
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