Newborn Diaper Service
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Newborn Diaper Service

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This service is only for our customers in Do Good Diaper Service delivery area (from Mound to Stillwater to Farmington and Blaine).  

Want to cloth diaper from the start but don’t want the extra stress of having to wash diapers all while trying to figure out how to take care of a newborn?  Look no further.    Diapers will be delivered to you; you just toss them in the pail and once a week Do Good will pick them up, clean them for you and leave you with fresh new diapers!

This package includes 4 weeks of service.  You can purchase up to 8 weeks with through My Sweet Pickles, but any more than that, you will have to contract through Do Good Diaper Service directly.  This package can only be found on My Sweet Pickle’s website!  It’s a great deal!  Once you buy this package, MSP will contact Do Good to get your services started for you.  Please note that we will share your information with Do Good.  Here’s how it works:

1) 80 (or more if needed) prefold diapers, 7 newborn Thirsties covers, 1 snappi, 1 travel wetbag, 1 pail liner and 1 diaper pail will be delivered 1-2 weeks before your due date to ensure you have fresh, clean diapers before baby arrives

2) Once you start using the cloth diapers simply place the dirty diaper in your pail - no shaking, soaking or dunking. Let Do Good do the dirty work!

3) Once a week on your scheduled delivery day simply place the bag of dirty diapers outside and a Do Good driver will be by to replace it with a fresh set of clean diapers.

4) The first two weeks Do Good will deliver your full order of diapers - each subsequent week we will deliver the amount returned to us. Return 75 diapers one week and we'll bring back 75 diapers the next week.

5.)  Any questions?  Contact us HERE.


About Do Good Diaper Service: 

Do Good Diaper Service uses commercial state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our cloth diapers are 100% sanitized and pH balanced to your baby's skin. Do Good’s equipment allows them to pro-actively minimize the amount of water and energy used to wash their cloth diapers.

Do Good is accredited.  So what does it mean to be accredited?

Safe and sanitary washing conditions are crucial to the diaper service industry and it is important to have organizations that are willing to measure themselves against national standards.

Diaper services that have received accreditation have voluntarily submitted their diapers to an independent lab for multiple tests and have been tested For sanitation, bacteria, pH and absorbency.

By receiving the RDIA Diaper Service Accreditation Do Good Diapers has passed all the listed tests and has demonstrated a commitment to safe laundering practices.

Professional Washing Process:

1. Utilizes a cleaning solution that is dye-free, perfume-free, and phosphate-free.
2. Do Goods diapers are put through a minimum of 7 wash and rinse cycles.
3. Washing water is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure every diaper is sanitized.

Our professional equipment allows us to use less water and energy than home washing and drying machines.

Testing Process:

1. Do Good tests their diapers to ensure that they are 100% sanitized, pH balanced to your baby's skin, and have maximum absorption rates.
2. Do Good’s cloth diapers are sent to an independent lab to be tested for residue, absorbency, bacteria and pH balance to insure consistent quality.


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