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Every parent has been there, and Pibbaby's story is no different... meal time meant messy time. No matter what they did, their little girl always ended up with stained clothing, even if she was wearing the traditional bib that you can find at every retailer around the world.

One day, they were headed to a special event and running short on time, so they didn't want to embark on the battle of stripping all her clothes off, like normal would do.
The owner, Danielle, thought to herself"Ahh! I wish I could lay a napkin across your lap and protect your pants from getting ruined."

So, of course tried that and in .5 seconds the napkin was sitting on the floor (duh).

The second thought was," I wish I could strap this thing to you!" Then, she had an "AHA" moment.

Why couldn't I strap this to her? AND, why are we still using bibs that she can rip off that only protect HALF of her outfit? She grabbed one of her husbands business cards and began to sketch the idea of the perfect bib, one that would protect her entire outfit and one that she could not rip off (anyone else’s baby figure out that the Velcro closure is easy to rip off?)

After much hard work they were able to create the perfect bib, The Pib. It started out as the "pant bib" but it has evolved into so much more than that. The snap closures make it impossible for your child to take it off and the notch and "crotch" protector make highchair, car seat and stroller use possible without compromising the functionality or protection this bib offers. Get excited mommies and daddies, the mess has met its match!

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