Pocket Diapers

What is a Pocket Diaper?

A diaper cover that has an opening for a folded prefold diaper or specially designed insert to be placed into the opening. This is a two part cloth diapering system.


  • Fast drying
  • Gives a very trim fit
  • Most like an all-in-one diaper making it convenient


  • Pocket diaper cover needs to be washed after every use
  • Requires simple folding of prefold diaper before inserting into pocket diaper cover unless you use a specially designed insert
  • Need to "stuff" each pocket diaper cover with prefold diaper or specially designed insert
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Imagine Pocket Diaper-XL
Lalabye Baby Newborn Diaper
bumGenius Original One-Size Cloth Diaper 5.0 | 12 Pack
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$239.40  $197.40
SoftBums Omni Shell
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