Rental Information

First things first!  How much does it cost per month and how much is the deposit?  


We charge a flat monthly rental fee of $34.99 for renting out up to 36 diapers.  37 - 48 diapers is $46.99/month and 49-60 diapers is $58.99/month.  We also will require you pay deposit per diaper.  The amount of the deposit varies based on which diapers you want to order and is fully refundable after the diapers are return and inspected for any damage.  
Please note:  You do not receive Pickle (reward) points for a cloth diaper rental.  Coupons cannot be used in conjuction with rentals. 


When should I order? 


We will ship them to you two weeks before your estimated due date (EDD) or other date that your provide us.  Your rental period will start on your EDD or other date provided.  This will allow you time to wash (prep) them for use.  If for any reason you need your diapers earlier that originally requested, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your request.


How many do I need?


This depends.  Most newborns will go through 10-12 diapers per day, maybe more.  If you don't want to wash daily, we'd recommend at least 24. 


What if I want to use them for longer than the rental time I purchased?


At this time we are only offering a monthly rental fee.  To extend your rental period, please just purchase an additional month.  You can do this at any time.


How do I return my diapers when I'm done?


Return shipping costs are the renter's responsibility.  We can help you determine the least expensive way to ship back to MSP.  We highly recommend you purchase a delivery confirmation because if we do not receive them back, the renter will not receive their deposit back.  Diapers must be returned to us within two weeks of your rental period ending.  For every week that they are late, we will deduct $10 from your deposit.  Your diapers must be returned clean, however, we do expect some staining.  If you choose to not return any diaper(s), we will deduct this from your deposit. 


When will I get my deposit back?  Can I receive store credit instead of cash back to purchase my one size stash? (Updated 10/1/2014)


When we receive the rental diapers back, we will count and inspect them for damage (such as using a non-cloth safe cream).  From there, we will contact you and give you one of the following options: 1)  1/2 of your deposit will come back to you as store credit and the other half will be refunded to your credit card or paypal account 2) We can issue you a gift certificate in the amount of your total deposit plus 10% (better deal).  Your deposit will be return/gift certificate issued within 72 hours of us receiving confirmation of how you would like your refund.  Please watch for an email in your inbox from us when returning your diapers. 


What are the terms and conditions I need to follow in order to get my deposit back?


You can find them HERE. 


What detergent should I be using? How do I wash my diapers?


Please use detergents free of softeners and if possible optical brighteners and perfumes.  Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing/drying your rental diapers.  This can ruin them.  Please also never use bleach, vinegar, or any other laundry additive before contacting us.  A simple wash routine is: remove all solids from diapers (if any), warm or cold soak/rinse, hot wash (please avoid sanitary cycle as this can hurt the waterproof outer (PUL), and then an extra cold rinse at the end.  Use approximately 1/2 of the manufacturers recommended amount of detergent if using a mainstream detergent such as All or Tide.  If you are using a natural detergent such as EcoSprout, etc, please follow the directions on the package.  If you are having repelling, ammonia or barn yard stink issues, please contact us and we will help you get your diapers fixed up! 


Feel free to either line dry your diapers or dry in your dryer on medium.  Remember to secure the Velcro on the laundry tabs if applicable. 


How do I prep my diapers?


Non-natural fiber diapers such as lil Joeys or Thirsties Duo Fitteds just need to be washed ones to get any manufacturing dust/dirt off of them. Natural fiber diapers such as Newborn Blueberry Simplex should we wash (dried in between washes) 3 to 5 times to reach maximum absorbency.


What if my diapers are stained?


Its okay!  It happens, but if stains drive you crazy, after you take then out of the wash, dry them in the sun for a few hours.  Do not leave them in the sun all day though.  This could cause damage to the waterproof outer (PUL).  Also, spraying or rinsing your diapers after a baby BM can help reduce staining.  This should take away/reduce the staining.  Please do not use any other enzyme based stain removers/preventers on your rental diapers.


What kind of diaper creams should I use? What should I avoid?


CJs Butter, Grovia Magic Stick (NOT the Z stick) and Lusa Bottom Balm are a few diaper rash creams/preventors that we carry and are cloth safe.  Coconut oil (available at your local natural food store) is also cloth safe and is good to be used to prevent rashes.  You can also use baby powder to help keep baby dry (please avoid spraying into air as this is not good for your sweet baby's lungs).  Do NOT use any zinc based creams while using your rental diapers unless you are using either a fleece or disposable liner. An example of a zinc based creams is Desitin. If this does get on your diaper, we will not refund you your deposit for the diaper that is damaged.  It is virtually impossible to get this off of cloth diapers available in our rental program. 


What else do I need?


Some items we recommend are: 

1)    20-30 cloth wipes  

2)    Either 2 pail liners or 2 large hanging wet bags (this way you have a backup on laundry day)

3)    1 or 2 medium sized wet bags for the diaper bag.

4)    Fleece liners or disposable liners in case you need to use a Zinc based rash cream.

5)    CJs Butter or other cloth safe cream.

6)    A diaper sprayer to remove solids or reduce staining (not necessary but nice to have!).

7)    If you order the fitted Thirsties diapers we recommend purchasing at least 4 newborn/size 1 covers.  Fitted diapers are not waterproof and require a cover.  We do not rent diaper covers. 
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