Terms and Conditions

My Sweet Pickles Cloth Diaper Rental Program Terms and Conditions

When selecting your rental diapers, you must check the box that says “I agree to the terms and conditions.” By checking that box, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Not complying with the terms and conditions could result in you not receiving back part or all of your deposit.

1. You agree to only use detergents free of softeners. As an example, Dreft, a common baby detergent, has softeners in it, so please do not use this detergent or similar.

2. You agree to not use any dryer sheets or any laundry additives such as bleach or vinegar, etc. without first discussing with My Sweet Pickles (“MSP”) owners.

3. You agree to only use a cloth safe cream such as CJs BUTTer or Lusa Lip Balm. If you must use a zinc based cream, please be very careful not to get any on your diaper as this can ruin them. Use a disposable liner, or Smart Bottoms Fleece Liners as a barrier.

4. You will not hold Sweet Pickles LLC liable for any consequence that may occur when using your rental diapers.

5. You will return the diapers to us on time. This means the return shipment package will be postmarked within 5 business days of your rental period end date.

6. Return shipping to MSP is the responsibility of the renter. You will not receive a refund of your deposit until MSP receives the diapers; therefore, we highly recommend you purchase a delivery confirmation and/or insurance.

7. For every week that you are late returning your diapers to us, we will deduct $10 from your deposit.

8. If you need your diapers for extra time, please purchase an additional month HERE.

9. You will return your diapers to us clean, free of smells, hair (human or pet) and fully functional (meaning if there is non-cloth safe diaper rash cream residue on your diapers, ripped, or torn we will not refund your deposit for that diaper). We understand that there will be normal wear and tear and possibly some staining as well.

10. If the diapers are received in such a condition that they are considered damaged (even if it was accidental), the full retail value of that item will be deducted from your deposit. You will also be held responsible for lost diapers.

11. Any diaper that is not returned to us we will deduct the full retail cost of the diaper from your deposit.

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