Accessories can be fun! Here are some suggestions to make cloth diapering simple.

  • Cloth wipes- We recommend at least one wipe per diaper. You won't need to use one at each change, but this is a good general rule. Cloth Wipes & Solutions
  • Wipe solution- This is not a necessity, but they sure do smell great! You can get bits and dissolve them in water or buy a solution to use. We recommend putting it in a squirt bottle and applying it to the wipes as you need. Cloth Wipes & Solutions
  • Pail liner or large wetbag- We recommend two so you can throw the liner or wetbag in the laundry with the diapers and have a spare.Wet Bags & Pail Liners
  • Cloth diaper safe creams- There are lots of creams out there, but not many are cloth diaper safe. If you aren't sure, we are here to help! Cloth Diaper Safe Cream
  • Diaper fasteners- These are for those using with prefolds and some fitteds or contour diapers.  Cloth Diaper Fasteners
  • Flushable liners- These are great for ease of handling the dreaded poo and let's be honest, that is typically the first thing that comes to mind with cloth! Diaper Liners
  • Diaper sprayer- A sprayer is a must have for some and for others it just complicates things. Let's be honest though, anything that makes dealing with poo easier is a win in our book! Diaper Sprayers
  • Extra absorbency- This is something that not everyone needs to worry about, but for some it becomes a stumbling block in their cloth diapering journey. There are many doublers and inserts out there to meet any babies needs. Some babies needs change as they get older and some need extra absorbency early on. Whatever it is, we can help. Inserts and Doublers

Wherever you are at in your cloth diapering journey, we are here to help! We are happy to answer your questions or help troubleshoot with you. Contact us!