All-in-Twos (AI2s) are a system similar to using prefolds and covers. In fact, prefolds and covers are the “original” AI2 system. In general, an AI2 or “hybrid” system is comprised of a waterproof shell with multiple insert options. With AI2s, you can reuse the insert multiple times until the shell is soiled. It’s best to air dry each shell in between diaper changes. The inserts that you use are made of cotton, microfiber or bamboo. You can even tri-fold a prefold or a flat diaper into an AI2 shell. As a general rule, you need one shell for every three diaper changes. AI2s are very good for travel because there are disposable insert options as well (we carry Grovia Bio Soakers). AI2 systems are as easy to use as a pocket or an AIO but there is a slight learning curve to them. You need to take the time to decide what inserts you like for the system that you use.

The AI2 systems that we carry can be found HERE.

See below for examples of AI2 shells.

Blueberry Capri