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LennyUpGrade Mesh Carrier - Standard Size

The LennyUpGrade Mesh carrier allows for comfort on even the warmest of days!
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LennyUpGrade Adjustable Mesh Carrier:

Safety: its construction has certificates of compliance with the ASTM F2236-16a and PD CEN / TR 16512: 2015 norms

Comfort: for both a baby and parents due to multi-level regulation of the panel as well as shoulder straps providing excellent adjustment and correct, ergonomic position of the baby on every stage of the child’s development

Versatility: one carrier from the small baby to the toddler; safe babywearing from the second month of life (over 3,5kg) up to 20kg

Flexibility: two ways of babywearing - front carry from the second month of life, and back carry from the fourth month of life. Additionally, the possibility to cross the shoulder straps

Quality: all manufacturing process located in one place in Poland

Beauty: unique fabric woven in the LennyLamb weaving studio

Shelter: Mesh Carriers come with coordinating removable mesh hoods that can easily be attached to support head while sleeping, sun protection and extra privacy while nursing

Comfort in hot days: light, airy, breathable mesh panel that provides ventilation and protects the baby and the wearer from overheating

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