Lusa Organics Magnesium Mist

An amazing natural way to help you rest better at night!
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Lusa Organics Magnesium Mist

You don't know what you're missing. (But chances are good that you're missing this.) Support healthy sleep and so much more. Our Magnesium Mist is made with simple, real ingredients. Spray it on once and you'll never want to go without. (Want to know more? Google "benefits of magneisum oil" and find so much to love!)

Size:4 fl. oz.

Directions-Spray on the soles of your feet at bedtime, or as you need it. Slip on some warm socks to help it absorb if you wish! Can be applied to the abdomen if you prefer.


    Lavender: Magnesium chloride, distilled water, and lavender essential oil.
    Unscented: Magnesium chloride and distilled water.

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