Mod Mobiles -from Fat Brain Toys

ModMobiles turn vehicular playtime into creative mix-and-match fun!. Best for ages 2+.
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Mod Mobiles from Fat Brain Toys

Switch 'em, swap 'em, shift 'em, race 'em!

ModMobiles turn vehicular playtime into creative mix-and-match fun!

Each ModMobile is made up of a real wood chassis with rubber wheels, two plastic runners, and three uniquely shaped foam body pieces, all of which can be switched out and mixed up.

Already little gear-heads are reeling with the possibilities!

With no snapping, clicking, or latching, each piece easily yet firmly slides into place in all kinds of ways.

Go from a hot rod to a sedan to a tractor to a drag racer to a cruiser to a super car and beyond - All in just seconds!

It's so easy! You'll never want to stop switching, flipping, mixing, and racing!

Each set of ModMobiles comes with three vehicles and thousands of possibilities. Collect both sets and the creative-racing fun NEVER stops.

Even adults can't wait to pick up the pieces and see what they can create.

Easy, mind-bogglingly open-ended, and rumbling with possibilities, ModMobiles bring the complex fun of "big kid" cars to the ever-surprising minds of little racers.

  • Wooden vehicles with interchangeable foam pieces
  • Encourages fine motor skills, creativity, imaginative play
  • Vehicles made up of wooden chassis, rubber wheels, 3 foam pieces, 2 plastic runners
  • Foam pieces and runners completely interchangeable
  • Mix all the parts to invent all kinds of amazing vehicles
  • No snapping or clicking - Pieces simply slide into place
  • Sturdy foam pieces hold strong and stay in place
  • Two sets to choose from - Thousands of possibilities each
  • All vehicles fully compatible with each other
  • Each vehicle measures approx. 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.25 inches
  • All vehicles made of exceptionally high-quality materials
  • Best for ages 2 years +

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