OsoCozy Bamboo Organic Cotton Prefolds 6 pack - Size Premium Better Fit

Luxuriously soft bamboo organic cotton prefolds are super absorbent!
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 bamboo/cotton prefolds.  6 per package Wonderfully soft and super absorbent 50% bamboo and 50% cotton prefolds.  Bamboo itself is naturally anti-microbial which means that you are less likely to have ammonia build up when compared to synthetic fiber diapers. Great for anytime, but especially naps and nights!  You can stuff these pockets use with any cover.  The better fit bamboo prefolds shrink about 9% in width and 13% in length...just a little less than 100% cotton prefolds.  You'll want to wash and dry several times to achieve full absorbency. 
Size chart
Layering- 4x8x4
Dimensions- 14.5" x 16"
Weight range - 14-30lbs

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