When it comes to stripping and prepping, there are so many schools of thought on this. Ours is simple. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Make diaper laundry as easy as possible! In the event that you find your diapers are repelling or just plain stink, a strip may be in order. There are many ways to strip, so we suggest checking out http://www.paddedtushstats.com/?s=stripping. If you don't find an answer there or just need more help, Contact us here and we would be glad to help!

Prepping is less daunting than stripping, but can take time. We recommend following the prepping instructions for the specific diaper. As a general rule, synthetic fibers such as microfiber need to be washed just once before use. Natural fibers generally need to be washed multiple times to be fully prepped.

Stripping and prepping don't need to be a big hurdle! We are here to help!