Thirsties Hemp Inserts - 2 pack

Thirsties Hemp Inserts are great for cloth diapering at night!
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Thirsties Hemp Inserts - 2 pack

Thirsties Hemp Inserts are a great solution for heavy wetters or stopping overnight leaks.  Hemp works best when used behind a microfiber terry soaker that absorbs moisture very quickly.  Thirsties Hemp Insert absorbs more slowly but is capable of absorbing a tremendous amount and it is only adding the thickness of 2 stacked nickels.

Thirsties Hemp Inserts are made from 6 layers of soft hemp & cotton blend knit jersey.

To add a Thirsties Hemp Insert to a Thirsties Pocket All-In-One just, flip open the pocket of the diaper and insert. 
Prewash Sizes:  Small - 5" x 12"  Large - 5.5" x 14.5"  (Hemp will shrink about 10% after washing & drying)

Content: 55% Hemp & 45% Cotton

Care:  Machine wash warm or hot.  Hang to dry or dry in dryer.  Made in USA.

Thirsties Hemp Inserts need to be washed and dried at least 3 times before use to rid the fibers of natural oils.  They will be fully absorbent after about 8 wash cycles.

Sold in 2 packs.

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