Every manufacturer is going to suggest a slightly different wash routine and “safe” detergent list, so please check with your manufacturer before washing your diapers.   This is important because certain manufacturers may void your warranty if you do not follow their instructions.  This is our disclaimer!  

Washing diapers at first sounds intimidating, but really, it’s no different than washing super dirty clothes.  To successfully wash your diapers you need to be using enough water and enough/the right detergent and perhaps some additives (most likely not).  If you have a good wash routine, you should rarely, if ever have to strip your diapers. 

The only recommendations we will give you on our site in terms of detergent is to always avoid water softeners, dryer sheets and to always check with the diaper manufacturer before using a detergent.  One site we love is Padded Tush Stats.  There is a great survey on the site (results too) on cloth diaper detergents. 

How to wash diapers:
Remove all solids.  Please note that you do not need to spray/rinse baby poo if only fed breast milk. 
Secure all laundry tabs on diapers with aplix.  A laundry tab is what holds the aplix down in the washer so the aplix doesn’t snag the other diapers or create a chain of diapers.  Also remember to unstuff all inserts and doublers out of pocket diapers.
Toss all diapers, wetbags, cloth wipes and pail liners into washer.
With no detergent, do either a cold or warm soak, wash or rinse.  
With detergent, do a hot wash (no higher temp than 120 degrees and no sanitary cycles).
Finally, do a final cold rinse.
We recommend hang drying all wetbags, pail liners, AIO diapers with aplix closures and all covers/shells.  Everything else, go ahead and toss in the dryer until dry.   Do not use dryer sheets, instead use dryer balls or a large towel to cut down on dry time. 
If your diapers are stained, try sunning them.  How to sun:  wash diapers, take out of washer and dry them outside in the sun.  Do not leave them out all day as this can damage your diapers.  Also, be careful sunning diapers in extremely hot climates. Another option for stains is Buncha Farmers stain stick! Works great for stains. We use this on our rental returns!


This wash routine works for most people.  You may find that based on your water quality (hard or soft), type of washing machine and types of diapers you use, you may have to tweak this routine some or use additives.  Again, please check with your manufacturer before using any additives. 

If you have having any ammonia or barnyard stink, please see our section on stripping.

If you would like to know how to prep your diapers, please see our section on prepping.

We are here to help, so please let us know if you have a question or need a little extra help!