All-in-One (AIO) diapers function very similar to disposable diapers, except of course, they are cloth, so you will need to wash them. They are super easy because you don’t need to stuff in a traditional sense and there is no cover required. AIOs have a waterproof (PUL or TPU) exterior that surrounds the absorbent material inside. Some AIOs have soakers attached where as some have soakers that you will need to snap in . Some soakers are also completely sewn in. Depending on the construction of the AIO and the materials the diaper is made out of, the dry time will vary. AIOs made with organic cotton tend to take a while longer than diapers made with birdseye cotton or microfiber. AIOs are available in both snap and aplix closure, however you will mainly see most only have snap closures.

AlOs are great for daycare, the very busy family or anyone really. They can be quite expensive, so some families may choose not to have a full stash of AIOs. Also, AIO’s are not ideal night time diapers because alone, they tend not to have adequate absorbency for the 10+ hours that your baby sleeps. You can always add a doubler to your diaper to increase the absorbency. Below you will find examples of AIOs.

AIOs come in one-size or sized, depending on what the brand offers. Most only offer one size. Below are some examples of AIOs.

AIOs that we carry can be found HERE.

Smart Bottoms 3.1

Grovia O.N.E.

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO