Fitted diapers function similarly to prefolds, but the diaper closes usually with snaps or aplix and has elastic around the legs (no folding necessary). They need a waterproof cover. They are great for nights, especially paired with wool for a leak free super absorbent system. You can go coverless at home if you wish to get a little extra air to your baby’s bottom. Fitted diapers can be pretty expensive. Most of the fitteds we carry are moderately priced. Fitteds can come in both one size or sized. They are made of cotton, microfiber or bamboo generally.

All of the fitted diapers we carry can be found HERE.

You should use a full coverage cover over a fitted. PUL covers we recommend are Thirsties Duo Wraps or Sweet Pea OS Covers.

Below are the fitted diapers we carry. Click on the picture and it will bring you directly to the product.

Sloomb OBF

Tots Bots Bamboozle


Sweet Pea