Pocket Diapers have a waterproof outer layer and the inside is made of a soft material, usually either microfleece or suedecloth. The inner layer contains a pocket that you will need to stuff for absorbency. Most pocket diapers come with an insert (generally made of microfiber) that fits perfectly in the pocket. The microfleece or suedecloth acts as a stay dry layer between the insert and your baby’s body. Pocket diapers are great because you can customize absorbency. You can stuff them with just about anything – flats, prefolds or the inserts that the come with the diaper. You can also add extra inserts or doublers for extra absorbency. This is what makes them great for naps and night time. Be very careful though to not get any non-cloth safe creams onto the microfleece or suedecloth because it is very hard to get off the synthetic material. Always use a liner if a non-cloth safe cream is necessary. Pocket diapers come mainly one size and area readily available in both snaps and aplix. There are examples of pocket diapers below.

Below are just a few of the pocket diapers that we carry.  You can find all the pocket diapers that we carry  HERE.

Apple Cheeks

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